TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 2409-12T

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  • TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 2409-12T
    TowerPro Brushless Outrunner 2409-12T
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The good ole towerpro BM motors.
Everyone has had one and bang for buck you cant beat them!

Model: 2409 -12T Delta
Weight: 64g
Voltage: 10v (2~3 Cell lipo pack)
Idle Current: 1.9A
Kv: 1600
Shaft: 3mm Diameter
Max efficient current: 23A
Max Load: 25A
Max Power Output: 200W
Suggested Propeller: 8*4APC 8*5APC

Delta: The type of wire termination. Often shown as a triangle shape on the motor housing.